Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ms. Wiley, Ms. Wiley, Ms. Wiley!!!

Ever feel like you can’t accomplish anything because your darling little people are constantly calling your name?! I love them nearly and dearly, but 6 and 7 year olds have a hard time understanding when you need to focus your attention on 1 student or a small group that does not involve them.

I have threatened to change my name, but the kids just laugh at me…haha! Then I came up with my handy dandy alien ears!! You can get these at any dollar store or Oriental Trading. When I wear my alien ears the children know I am busy working with other children (at this time they are working on an independent activity…think reading, math game etc.) I tell them that when I have my alien ears on I do not speak English…instead I only speak alien…BEEP BEEP! THEY LOVE THIS! And the best part is…it really works! The visual of my alien ears stops them in their tracks and they try to problem solve on their own. For example instead of calling “Ms. Wiley I’m ALL DONE!!! WHAT DO I DO?!” They look up at the board for further directions.

 I know...I'm crazy, but it works -- I promise!!
Of course if there is an emergency they are able to come up to me. For things in between, like if they come up with a brilliant text to -self- connection in their book that they want to share with me they write it on a post it note and place it on the Notes to the Teacher board. When I’m finished working with my group I check the notes and get back to the kids.

I just glued the Notes to the Teacher paper to a large piece of construction and hang it in my room.

How do you manage your kiddies while you are working in a small group?!


Smarties said...

Ms. Wiley,
I love your alien ears idea. The 2 things I do is teach them sign language for the basics like bathroom and drinks of water. I can see the sign and give a yes or a no with out speaking to them. If they call my name I ignore them. It has to be totally silent. The 2nd thing I do is to have them ask 4 friends before me. The friends have to sign their name to a sticky note. When I get a break if the problem isn't solved then I help. But I really like the alien ears because it's visual. Thanks for sharing. You're great!

Ms. Wiley said...

Thanks Claire!! I have added you to my Blogs I'm Lovin' roll! Have a lovely evening.

Hadar said...

super cute, love those ideas!

Ms. Wiley said...

I've added you too Hadar!

~*~Ash~*~ said...

Just found your blog- Love it!!!!!!

My classroom has a beach theme, so I use a giant sun hat to "go on vacation". My kiddos know when I'm "on vacation" teaching small groups, they have to problem solve. When they have to go to the bathroom, they can silently hold up two fingers crossed together and I can wave them on without even speaking or taking attention away from my group. I love your notes to the teacher idea! Very cute. Also, I think you "speaking alien" is hilarious and adorable- they must love it! :)


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