Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If We Were Colors...

I am officially freaking out! I leave for Jamaica in a few short hours and I’m pacing around the apt not knowing what to do with myself! Haha so obviously I decided to blog about an upcoming event at school.

Every year my school has an international book fair and food festival. On the same day each class has an author’s reading where the kids each read a story or poem aloud to their families. It is so much fun!! A lot of work, but way worth it in the end. I always have my little ones read poetry because it keeps it short, sweet AND still fun! 

One poem that I use for a prompt is Choose a Color by Jacqueline Sweeney. These turn out SO cute!! 

This is an example of a student’s poem from two years ago. How stinkin’ sweet?!

Annnnddd here is the paper I plan to have my kiddies write their poems on! 

I’ll be back next week! Will miss you all and blogland while I’m away…but OMG cannot wait for the beach!! ;)


S. Parker said...

I love the end of your little one's poem. Safe travels. Enjoy your Spring Break.

YearntoLearn said...

Cute idea.


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