Sunday, March 13, 2011

Using technology to humanize education...

A while back I saw Salman Khan on NY1 and I remember thinking what a brilliant idea he had. I just watched a great TED talk that he gave this month. You can view it below.

I recently taped a lesson I taught to my firsties on how to create pod-casts using an ipad so I could share it with my team. I figured this way my team could use the video to go at their own pace and pause me whenever they needed. The idea caught on well and they liked the idea of being able to actually use the ipads while I walked my students (and inadvertently) them through the whole process.

Imagine what this could do for our little ones? We could tape ourselves teaching an array of lessons and fix-up strategies ranging from reading to math etc. Then our students could view these lessons whenever they needed -- maybe while completing a homework assignment or studying for an exam. I am very excited and inspired to use this sort of teaching and SOON! What do you all think?!

Right now I need to get off the computer and help B make dinner before he kills me...haha! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday friends!! :)


~*~Ash~*~ said...

I'm all for it! I'm getting my first ipad in next week and I can't wait!!!! :D

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