Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flip the letters...!

Classroom management is a BIG part of first grade. I am always looking for new and fun ideas to keep my little ones motivated and on task. Just found this WONDERFUL idea from What the Teacher Wants ( if you haven't been over there to check it out-- you really should!)

  • Mystery Motivator: Cut out the letters of words that spell out a prize for good behavior. Flip them over and hang them up in your classroom. Every time your students get caught having good behavior, they get to flip a letter over. Once all the letters have been flipped, they earn the 'prize' that has been spelled out. Ideas for prizes include: extra recess, quiet free time, Popsicle party, movie and popcorn, etc.
 I can totally imagine my kids (and me - haha) getting really into this idea! It will be like Wheel of Fortune and we will be like Vanna White!!!

How do you keep your students engaged, happy and in check?


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