Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Science Journal: All About Animals

My wonderful team and I are switching up our animal unit that we have done for years. It was done well before I was even on the grade and it needed some re-vamping. First graders go crazy for animals so this unit is A LOT of fun to teach.

We have decided to do a sort of science journal focusing on animals. This will be the first year implementing this type of research, study skills and summative assessment. I like the journal idea because it allows for everything to be in one place. This way as a teacher I can look over all of the work the child does along the way (formative assessment) as well as the end result. For the students I am hoping the journal makes it neatly organized and allows for all of their work material to be in one place rather than a folder here and a paper there etc. 

Take a look and let me know what you think. I will definitely continue to post more resources for this unit. This is just a little taste…haha! 

Click to download the files! 

Does anyone teach an animal unit? How do you teach this topic to your little people?! 
On another note...B and I will be catching up on Glee tonight -- WOOHOO! Have a lovely evening everyone!  


MrsCrow said...

This is so cute! Silly question ... where did you get the font you used for this document? I have been looking for a font with letters and dots forever and can't find one. Thanks so much!!

Ms. Wiley. New York, NY said...

Hi MrsCrow....The font is called Tinkertoy and let me just tell you- it is my FAV!! I always go back to using it! I can't remember exactly where I got it because I've had it forever, but I just googled it and this site came up-

I hope this helps!

MrsCrow said...

I got it! Thank you SOOO much! I'm so excited to FINALLY have a font like this!! :-)

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