Sunday, February 20, 2011

ipad lovin'....

After a long and hard fight to get the funds my amazing principal has gotten 4 ipads per grade (k-4) to rotate throughout the days/weeks. We have been slowly but surely using the ipads at small centers where the children use a variety of applications to reinforce their skills and develop ideas that have been part of our curriculum. 

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!! I am so happy my students and I are able to incorporate this type of technology into our daily learning! Can you tell I'm excited?! :)

As a school we have created a blog to share thoughts, ideas and apps. I am so lucky to work with such dedicated teachers. I wanted to share some of the wonderful resources we have come across to help us in our effort to integrate technology more...

Apps can get very expensive and although some of them look great online...when we put them to use it can sometimes be a very different story. My colleague and friend, a 2nd grade teacher thought she had found a super math app...she paid for it, only to find out the child speaking had a terrible lisp and the kids couldn't understand what they were being asked to do. Not to mention it was driving her nuts-o! haha! That is why it is always a good idea to research any reviews before purchasing any app. 

This is an excellent app review site where teachers and techies alike give their two cents. 

This is also a helpful site.  

Here is a list of apps worth checking out:


Intro to letters
Montessori Crosswords
Word Magic
Spell Blocks
Build a Word
Alpha Writer
Alphabet Fun
Phonics Made Easy
Spelling 1-2


Sight Words HD
Speedy Reader
Timed Reading


Grammar prep: subject and verbs
Grammar prep: using commas, pronouns, apostrophes


Story Kit
Puppet Pals HD
Glow Writer
Story Builder
Story Buddy
Sentence Maker


Intro to Math
Math Magic
Math Series
Animals Counting
Approach to Montessori Numbers HD
Colors, Shapes and more flash action
Pattern Recognition
Fun Felt (shapes)
Learning to Tell time is Fun
My first Tangrams HD
My first Weighing exercises HD
Time, Money and Fractions On Track
Mad Math 2.0
Make Change (money counting game)
Math Flashcards
A Montessori approach to Math - Hundred Board Times Tables

Letters and Numbers:

Alphabet and Numbers 1-100


Geo Walk HD
Earth Flags HD
A Life Cycle app
Wonders of the World
Fotopedia Heritage
Surf the Ages (I think it is for middle school)
International Diplomacy World Leaders for iPad
Google Earth

Kids Books:

The Penguins of Madagascar
Miss Spider's Bedtime Story
Green Eggs and Han

Productivity (projects):

Sonic Pics
Sundry notes
Dragon Dictation
Drawing Pad

Are you using ipads in your classroom or school? What do you use them for? What is your favorite way of using technology with your kiddies?!


S. Parker said...

Wow! Thanks for the info. I will be looking at these closely. :)
I really want an iPad for my room instead of having to use my personal one. But I guess sharing means caring. Right?!

Jodi said...

I would LOVE to have an iPad for my classroom. I think I'm going to work on writing a grant.


Ashley Ryan said...

WOW! i'm loving this :) need to incorporate tech lessons, so thanks for the awesome apps! LOVE YOU

Hadar said...

This is awesome! I just wrote a grant to get an iPad for my class! We also incorporated a lot of Rick Morris's classroom management ideas into the use of the iPad. Check him out if you haven't already!

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