Monday, February 21, 2011

Self Esteem Wall

In my classroom I have something called the Self Esteem Wall. Thank you Ms. Ager for this idea years ago...I always love your ideas! It is very similar to the Bucket Filling idea, but I had this up LONGGG before I even knew of the  Buckets --  BTW I am constantly thinking if I should  switch to Bucket Filling next year?  

Basically the kids each have a pocket pouch with their picture on it (SUPER CUTE) and in the beginning of the year I explain that everyone loves getting pick me up notes.

  • I encourage them to write their classmates notes if they notice that they did something on their own initiative, for example if they saw a table mate clean up a mess that wasn’t theirs. 

  • I also encourage them to write notes if they want to thank someone for something they did, for example if someone took them to the nurse and was extra sweet while they were hurt. 

  • It is also really important to remind them to always try to find the best in their peers… so I encourage them to write compliment notes when they see someone trying extra hard…. 

You HAVE to see the notes that come out of these 6 and 7 year olds…it brings tears to my eyes!! 

*I must admit it definitely promotes note writing, but if they are reflecting on school, friendship and themselves then I’ll take it!! 

How many of you use Bucket Filling in your classrooms?!

Anyway….I don’t have pics at home (will take some on Weds. Promise), but the kiddies absolutely LOVE writing each other little notes to let one another know how much they appreciate their friends.  

These are just some little note cards I made to make the whole process more fun…!

You can download the note cards here.


Jodi said...

I have been wanting to start something like this in my classroom. Around Valentine's Day, I did "Sweet Notes" and it was very similar, but I want something that can be used year round. I can't wait to see your pictures.


SDNana said...

I was unable to download the notes. The message said unavaiable for download.

Ms. Wiley said...

Sorry! I think I fixed it...I also tried to fix the animal printables. Let me know if there are anymore problems!!

smarties said...

Hi Mrs. Wiley,
I give you the Stylish Blog Award. I think you're terrific. Thanks for the inspiration.

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